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A home designed well should be empathetic to each persons  way of living. Whilst there will be a common language of 'how we do things', it is the sublities  of the individual that makes the cruical difference in the relationship between a home and its environment.


A home can have feeling. To each person it should bring security and warmth. A home should take care of you, metaphorically speaking. A design for a home should tell an individual story, demonstrate crafts, and have patterns unique to people and place. 

A lot of modern day homes have been designed and built using standardisation to suit large developers producing cheap on mass housing.  Yet, we can design in a different way. To be creative and have fun with design, to create spaces that bring interest and delight.

'Each person and family has their own way of living. Our role as designers is to  design buildings that responds to unique needs. Bringing better functionality, security, and warmth to enhances the individual's way of life'


Style and aesthetics is one small part of a home, every day the building needs to be useable and functional, bring warmth and delight and be adaptable into the future.

Design covers a variety of considerations from the solar orientation of the site, access and form, to small points in a room such as a window seat, or specific views. Our role is to bring this to life through our trained design skills.

Reducing the energy demand of a build requires a fabric first approach.

Investing in design and construction focused on minimising the total energy demands of the build is good for the environment,  long term financial security.

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